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Marketing Strategy & Delivery

Technology Sector


January 2024 - present

Strategy development, campaign management, content marketing, website development project management, data analysis, social media management & coaching.

"Right from day one, she breathed a new lease of life and creativity into our messaging and tone of voice and has given everyone in the business a part to play in the Marra marketing initiatives. She has taken the time to really understand our business and Marra services which has allowed her to guide us on how we engage with our clients." - Jo McGovern, Chief Operating Officer


Marra, specialists in Microsoft Power Platform, urgently required a seasoned marketing consultant to revitalize their marketing efforts. Operating within a startup environment, they needed someone adept at navigating the complexities of the tech industry.

They sought a consultant capable of swiftly addressing immediate challenges and initiating an effective marketing campaign. Additionally, Marra needed guidance on creating compelling content and strategies tailored to their target audience.

What we did

KLW Marketing provided the expertise Marra needed. We began by thoroughly understanding Marra's business and the tech landscape they operated in. Our first step was launching an online campaign to increase brand awareness. Collaborating with Layers Studio, we redesigned and launched in just three months.

The new website featured refined messaging and a clear presentation of Marra's services. Simultaneously, we launched a paid media and social campaign to boost visibility and generate leads. Beyond digital presence, we advised Marra on an events strategy and coached their team in developing content for their website and LinkedIn.

Impact (so far!)

Within three months, Marra unveiled a revamped website with enhanced messaging that resonated with their audience. The paid media and social campaign significantly heightened brand awareness and delivered a surge in new leads. Moreover, Marra's team gained the ability to create engaging content independently, further solidifying their market presence.

KLW Marketing's strategic direction and proactive execution empowered Marra to redefine their brand and achieve substantial business growth.

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