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Newcastle University

Training & Public Speaking

Higher Education Sector


January 2024 - present

Workshop delivery & workshop content development

"Kathryn gave some great guest lectures for the students with us at Newcastle University. She brought passion and energy to her subject as she guided students through the world of marketing, and taking time to answer questions afterwards. It was a pleasure having Kathryn on campus, we hope she comes back again" - Cian O'Sullivan, Careers Consultant


Newcastle University, a leading institution in the North East, sought a dynamic speaker for their Creative Careers Week and Alumni Programme. Their objective was to inspire and educate a diverse audience, spanning students to alumni, on valuable career insights.

They needed a speaker capable of effectively engaging a varied audience with different career aspirations and backgrounds. The speaker had to deliver content that was both motivational and practical, offering actionable strategies to attendees.

What we did

KLW Marketing met the challenge by developing three tailored talks: personal brand building, career changing strategies, and leveraging generative AI. These talks were designed for both online and in-person delivery, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Each session was highly interactive, allowing participants to actively engage and develop personalised strategies. This approach ensured attendees left with practical plans they could immediately apply in their careers.


KLW Marketing's workshops at Newcastle University were highly successful. Attendees not only gained valuable insights but also increased confidence in their career journeys. Each participant developed actionable plans, equipped with tools to enhance their professional growth and success.

These sessions reinforced KLW Marketing's commitment to delivering impactful, engaging content that resonates with diverse audiences, fostering personal and professional development at Newcastle University.

"Kathryn has been a fabulous alumni to work with and has supported students and graduates across Newcastle University in a range of different ways, not least her outstanding contributions to our annual Creative Careers event. Speedy with her communications, an excellent facilitator of learning and so generous with her time" - Kate Rothery, Careers Consultant

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