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5 tips to start building a business

iPad on desk with building a business brochure on the screen

As part of CyberFest23 ran by CyberNorth, Kathryn Wharton was invited onto a webinar to share some insights and advice on launching a business.

As someone who never thought they would be in this situation, she was a brilliant guest to have on to give a real view of launching a business (warts and all!) The top five tips that Kathryn covered were:

#1 Spend time refining the business plan

#2 Find the right digital tools

#3 Have a feedback cycle

#4 Network

#5 Optimise the time between billable work

For the learners she created a takeaway flyer with more helpful information on which you can download below

KLW Marketing - Building a business
Download PDF • 1.52MB

If you are looking for speakers to share their story of founding and growing a business then Kathryn is available for public speaking gigs. Check out the services page here.


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