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Techris Consulting

Marketing Strategy & Delivery

Technology Sector


July 2023 - present

Strategy development, content marketing, website development project management, data analysis, social media management & coaching.

"KLW Marketing have been instrumental in defining, driving and delivering the marketing activities at Techris Consulting. Throughout our time working together, KLW Marketing have consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of strategic marketing with a commitment to driving business growth" - Chris Wharton, Director


Techris Consulting, a dynamic startup in IFS technology, required a robust marketing strategy aligned with their business goals and growth plans. They sought a consultant who understood both the nuances of the tech industry and how to implement effective strategies with limited resources. 

They needed a tailored marketing strategy that could blend strategic insight with practical execution. Their main objectives were to enhance brand visibility and drive lead generation.

What we did

KLW Marketing stepped in to address these challenges. We initiated with a thorough discovery workshop to deeply understand Techris Consulting, their target market, and their competitive landscape.

Our marketing strategy focused on organic growth and content marketing. We collaborated closely with Techris Consulting on key initiatives, starting with refining their value proposition and refreshing their website.

Additionally, we launched a targeted social media campaign aimed at increasing brand awareness and generating new leads. Through strategic content creation and engagement tactics, we successfully amplified Techris Consulting's market presence.


Within six months, the impact was evident. The revamped value proposition and website bolstered Techris Consulting's online credibility. The social media efforts significantly raised brand awareness, establishing the director, Chris Wharton, as an authority in IFS. Most importantly, these initiatives translated into measurable business growth, with a notable uptick in new leads.

KLW Marketing's strategic guidance and hands-on approach provided Techris Consulting with the essential marketing momentum to drive their business objectives and future aspirations.

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