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Traction Industries


Construction / FMCG Sectors 


December 2023 - present

Workshop delivery & workshop content development

"I have worked with Kathryn Wharton for a number of B2B and B2C clients, including a very high profile national consumer brand. Kathryn is a marketing dynamo whose strategic acumen and creative flair has revolutionised B2B marketing in the tech sector...Any team would be fortunate to have her expertise and passion driving their success. And most importantly, she is great fun to work with" - Lucy Batley, Traction Industries


Traction Industries, a leader in AI technology, sought a marketing expert to deliver training sessions aimed at boosting confidence in using AI tools among marketing teams.

They wanted to equip teams with practical knowledge and confidence in using AI tools for diverse applications such as content creation and visual media. They required engaging training that catered to varying levels of expertise.

What we did

KLW Marketing partnered with Traction Industries to develop tailored, hands-on training sessions for marketing teams. Leveraging Traction Industries' technical expertise and KLW Marketing's training experience, we designed comprehensive workshops covering practical applications of generative AI tools. These sessions were flexible, addressing specific knowledge gaps and adapting to team requirements.

Impact (so far!)

We successfully delivered impactful half-day workshops to technology and FMCG brands, significantly enhancing marketers' proficiency and confidence in utilising generative AI tools. Participants gained practical skills that they could immediately apply in their roles, ensuring effective and secure integration of AI technology.

Our ongoing commitment to innovation in AI training ensures that our sessions remain cutting-edge and relevant. KLW Marketing's collaboration with Traction Industries has empowered marketing teams to navigate and leverage generative AI technology effectively.

"The workshop not only reinforced our current practices but also inspired us to explore AI's potential further and what tools to invest time into. Kathryn's practical tips were particularly helpful, emphasising the importance of working collaboratively with AI for improved efficiency. Thanks to this workshop, we now all have an understanding and a renewed commitment to integrating AI seamlessly into our work within the Marketing department" - Head of Marketing, Construction Customer

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