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Welcome to KLW Marketing

As an experienced marketing professional, I partner with businesses to develop and deliver smart and sustainable marketing to accelerate growth.

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What I do

With over 18 years experience from the technology, culture, leisure and professional service industries I can:

  • Build you a bespoke marketing strategy

  • Optimise your thought leadership to raise brand visibility

  • Optimise your marketing processes for lead generation

  • Be your events manager

  • Optimise your social media channels to increase market position

  • Be a mentor or coach to your team

  • Act as your trusted advisor


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Here's some testimonials from people I have collaborated with:

Kathryn is a shining star example of how collaboration between 2 companies can make an event successful. Kathryn was very organised and up to speed on all event tasks leading up to the day - Jenny Lee Vickerman. Consultant at Credera

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You must invest in marketing to grow your business. 

Marketing has a key role to play in attracting new business, enhancing customer experience and strengthening employer brand.

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​Marketing enables businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors, establish credibility, and create a positive reputation. 

It enables targeted communication, reaching the right audiences with tailored messages, which leads to higher conversion rates. 

Marketing helps businesses adapt to changing market trends and customer preferences, staying relevant and competitive.  

Investing in marketing provides a significant return on investment by driving growth, increasing customer loyalty, and maximising profitability.​


Are you ready to accelerate your growth?

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